REVIEW: DAVIDs TEA Chicago and Tyler Fry team up for cocktails

If you have been following the latest trends, you know that DAVIDsTEA is hot right now. From Oprah's tweets to morning show chatter, DAVIDsTEA is becoming a hot topic.

With all the talk, I had to find out what all the fuss was about. So, when I heard that one of the Chicago locations was hosting an event this week to showcase the store's new blends, I had to check it out.

Let me warn you that at first, when you walk in and hear about the assortment of tea blends, you will be overwhelmed. DAVIDsTEA offers over 150 types of teas and every type of product available to make sure your tea experience is perfect.

Fear not though! Just tell one of the friendly staff members behind the counter what your favorite tastes are. They know their business, and based off what you say, they will find you the perfect blend for your savory goodness.

When I told the guy helping me that I prefer mint flavors, he immediately pulled down the Bravissimo blend. This blend features licorice, chamomile, rosehip, oranage peel, and peppermint. Let me tell you that the smell alone is wonderful and relaxing, and the taste, even better.

Now as great as the tea is on it's own, the highlight of the evening was the tea infused cocktails being dished out by Violet Hour's Tyler Fry. Fry, who is a tea specialist, developed 5 recipes just for this event, and, if you were unable to attend, I am sure that DAVIDsTEA has the recipes available to hand out.

Now, normally in a review post, I would go through and review each thing available; however, this is really something you have to experience on your own. Even my partner, who attended the event with me, had completely different flavors he perferred. Regardless of your taste buds though, DAVIDsTEA will offer something that you sweep you off your feet.

So, whether you want some refreshing tea, or you want to try one of the delicious cocktails (I vote for the Migratory Coconut Recipe as it was my favorite), head over to one of the three DAVIDsTEA locations in Chicago and check them out. I am glad I finally did, and I can not wait to go back.

DAVIDsTEA in Chicago can be found at 924 West Armitage Avenue, 3530 North Southport, and 1645 North Damen.

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