Memorial Day: Small Towns do it better

Memorial Day: Small Towns do it better
The Lincoln Courier published a tribute to my partner's father.

I love big metropolitan cities; however, I must admit that sometimes small towns just know how to do things better. A prime example of this is patriotic holidays. Small towns across America just know how to make holidays, like Memorial Day, the event of the year.

I know in my hometown of Bald Knob, Arkansas, the Memorial Day parade was one of the best planned events of the year. Everybody came out to honor those who serve.

Small towns spend weeks, if not months preparing for these holiday festivities. Streets get lined with American Flags, houses get decked out with ribbons, and everybody just gets a sense of community.

Fellow ChicagoNow blogger, Candid Candice, wrote a great article this weekend talking about how her old hometown of Dupo, Illinois goes all out for Memorial Day.

If you are like me, you have never heard of Dupo, Illinois. However, you can replace Dupo with any number of town names across the country and the story would apply no less.

One town that is no exception to this is Lincoln, Illinois. Lincoln is home to just under 15,000 residents, and hosts some wonderful patriotic events throughout the year. Residents and businesses come out in groves to honor those who have served our Country.

Their local newspaper, the Lincoln Courier, assists the community in getting the word out about all the events, and on special occasions the paper publishes special sections allowing people to pay tribute to their family and friends who have served.

This Memorial Day, I am very grateful for the Lincoln Courier. Last Monday, my partner and I contacted them to see if they were doing any special type of memorial sections for this year's holiday.

My partner really wanted to publish a memorial to his father, Robert L. Horn. Horn was a retired U.S. Marine who passed away in 2009.

Unfortunately, we were informed that we had missed the deadline for the publication; however, Michael Swann, General Manager of the Courier, informed us that he would do his best to get the homage to my partner's father in the paper.

Well, to our delight, the paper did manage to get in the memorial. It appeared today in their pages, and my partner could not be happier.

I seriously doubt that this is something that we could get a major newspaper to do with such little notice. Major newspapers, to my knowledge, do not even run special sections honoring those that fought to give us the very right to publish newspapers without restrictions from the government. Kind of ironic if you ask me.

So, while I do love major cities, small towns do it right when it comes to honoring those that serve our country. This memorial day, we pay tribute to my partner's father and to all those that work so hard to make sure we keep their memories alive.

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