Gay Marriage in Illinois fails again to be brought to House Vote

Gay Marriage in Illinois fails again to be brought to House Vote

With the final day of the Legislative Session upon us, all eyes were on whether or not the House would approve the Religious Freedom and Marriage Fairness Act.

The Act, which would allow gay marriages to occur in the State of Illinois, had already passed the Senate earlier this year. After the historic Senate vote, the Governor vowed that he would sign the bill if it ever reached his desk.

Many big players in the political arena have been supportive of making Illinois the 13th US State to adopt marriage equiality. President Obama even spoke out earlier this week in support of the passage of the bill.

The issue though wasn't in getting the public to support the measure, it was making sure the House had enough members in favor of passing the bill before it was brought up to vote.

After constant promises both this session and at the end of session in January that a vote would be called, gays and lesbians across Illinois are going to bed tonight knowing that the Government of Illinois does not recognize them as first class citizens.

The saddest part though is not that we remain the same as we were yesterday, it that even our strongest allies were too damn pussy to bring the bill up to a vote.

I, along with many of my fellow gay brothers and sisters, want to know who is against us. We want to know what we are fighting against.

Not calling the vote for the second time is shameful. It is disheartening.

Knowing that you know who is against us, and that you refuse to make them stand up and show their face by casting a vote for hatred, makes you just as pathetic as one of them.

Shame on you House of Representatives.

It may be just a vote for you, but it has very serious consequences for thousands of your constituents.

I hope you all get voted out when your term is over.

Pathetic. Absolutely pathetic.

History will remember you for what you were. Nothing!

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