Top 5 Things To Avoid On Public Transport

I had an unfortunate incident on my train ride last evening. Right after we were leaving the first station, I thought it would be a good idea to place my large, full Diet Coke on the floor while the train was cruising along. Unfortunately, the train jerked, and my large soda immediately spilled all over the floor of my car.

With the motion of the train, the liquid immediately dispersed itself throughout the entire cabin. I tried to warn my fellow passengers that they may want to pick up their bags off the floor to avoid them getting wet and sticky.

While most people were relatively friendly and understanding about the incident, one couple behind me was not too pleased. In fact, because I was afraid they were going to shank me, I changed cars mid-trip.

So, as a courtesy to people who use public transportation, I present to you, the TOP 5 Things NOT to do on Public Transportation!

Here goes:

  • #5 - DO NOT, as the story above illustrates, trust something that can spill to not spill. It causes a huge mess, and makes the rest of ride extremely uncomfortable.
  • #4 - DO NOT talk on your phone about rashes or other medical problems you may have. It's gross. (Yes, I have actually overheard these conversations)
  • #3 - DO NOT try to engage in somebody's else's conversation while they are talking by pointing out that you feel the error of the story is on their part. Though I feel I am being helpful by pointing out the obvious, they just look at me like I am rude. I mean, though you feel you are being helpful. I would never actually just interrupt someone else to tell them they are wrong.
  • #2 - DO NOT take the seat next to someone if there is an entire area that is open. It's rude, and really creepy.
  • #1 - DO NOT try to start a community sing-a-long on the ride. No matter how far people are going, they do not want to burst into song with you. Trust me. I've tried.

So there, if you are like me and from an area without public transportation, you now have a guide on a few things that I would avoid while taking public transportation.

You are welcome!

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