Prop 8 and DOMA spark Red Facebook love

Prop 8 and DOMA spark Red Facebook love

The United States Supreme Court has wrapped up oral arguments in the case challenging California's Proposition 8. Now we play the waiting game as we await their decision, as well as the hearing and ruling on the constitutionality of the Defense of Marriage Act that should be heard tomorrow.

As we wait to hear their ruling in both of these landmark cases, I remain hopeful that the Supreme Court sees that there is no harm in allowing same-sex marriage, and in not allowing same-sex marriage, the United States is treating gays and lesbians as second-class citizens.

However, this post is not about the actual court happenings going on today. There are many many people reporting for blogs and news sources on this historic moment that have more knowledge and resources to accurately write about what is going on than I do. I am no where near Washington D.C., and anything I report would simply be recycled from other sources. I see no need for that.

This post is about how much love is now on Facebook for equal marriage rights.

The Human Rights Campaign started a trend encouraging people on Facebook to change their profile picture and/or cover photos to red. Red, of course, means loves, and so there would not be a better color to symbolize an event that is entirely based on wanting the freedom to love who we want.

I changed mine to red this morning, and figured a few friends would change theirs. Being a southern boy, I did not expect any of my family to actually show support for gay marriage.

Though I was right about my family not changing their photos to red, boy did I underestimate my friends. My entire Facebook is red. Whether its photos, logos, or text, red has consumed my entire newsfeed.

I am even a member of several (non-gay focused) Facebook groups, and almost the entire member list is lit up red. It is very overwhelming.

In a world where we constantly encounter negativity, hatred, and just evilness, it is great to see the amount of people coming out in support of love for the gays and lesbians all over the country.

If each one of our straight allies knew how much the simple task they did meant to us, maybe even more would do it. However, as it is, my Facebook is so full of love, anymore, and it may burst.

So, if you are gay, and feel down today, go to your Facebook page. I do not know how one can be down with the all the love going on today.

If you are straight and supporting us, know that you mean the world to us. We thank you more than you will ever know.

Now, lets keep changing Facebook to red, and let us all hope that the Supreme Court sees the changing face of America and finally embrasses equality.


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