Gay Social Networking Site Kaliido Launches Today

Gay Social Networking Site Kaliido Launches Today

After being in a private invite-only testing phase for the past few months, the gay social networking site Kaliido offically opens up to the public today. Though the site is now offically launched, it will, at least according to a press release from the company, remain an invite-only community.

I personally have been testing the site, and I really like it. Unlike hookup apps like Grindr, Kaliido actually encourages members to engage in conversation and activities based common interests.

Think of the site as a gay version of Facebook. It includes all the connection tools, without allow in all the annoying family members posting about how you are going to hell or about how their newest kid just did something that they find absolutely addorable.

Once Kaliido gets more users, they do have plans to host area events exclusively for members, as well as ways of connecting members in real life to locals that share the same interests such as travel, dining, reading, etc.

After the successful beta testing, Kaliido has already announced that they are working on a site for girls and also a site to sell and trade goods and services.

As if that was not enough to get you to join, the first 500 members will recieve Foundation Member status. This allows the member to receive special VIP perks at sponsored events, as well as a special gift from Kaliido.

So, if you are interesting in joining, check it out. If you need an invite, you can leave a comment below and I can invite you to the site.

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