Turn your passion into your profit!

Here it is the first Monday of 2013. I bet most people out there are dreading this first full week of work in the new year. Unfortunately, we must work because otherwise we would run out of money. With money being gone, we would become homeless, hungry, and depressed. So, as much as we would rather stay in bed, we get up, get ready, and head into work.

Hopefully though, besides work, you have another hobby/interest/job that you like to do when not at work. Maybe you did some of that hobby/interest/job the last two days when you were off work. I know I have several things that I enjoy doing that have absolutely nothing to do with what I do for a living. I call these things my "passion".

Because of how our society is made up, we have to have money to pursue our passions, so we have our job, or "profits". Without a profit, we have no passion. Without passion, our job becomes dreadful and meaningless.

So, instead of dreading the Monday that is laying ahead, think of it as going to get the profit that allows you to do your passion when you get off work.

If you are smart about it, and play your cards right,  maybe you could work on turning your passion into your profit one day.

Would it not be amazing to wake up every morning and go do something that you absolutely love to do.

So, as you head into work this morning - or if you are already there, just stop and think for a moment what you would rather be doing instead of working. Sleeping, napping, video games, etc are not the answer. Think of the position you could hold that would make you happy to get up every day and do your job.

Now, instead of dreading this Monday, spend it thinking of ways to achieve your passion. Spend the next 52 weeks gathering up the profits to make your passion a reality.

Hopefully, this new way of thinking makes your Monday seem a less dreadful.

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