Pizza Hut - New Rolling Meadows Location disappointing

Pizza Hut - New Rolling Meadows Location disappointing
Pizzas stuck in the oven due to lack of employees at Rolling Meadows Pizza Hut.

Pizza Hut recently downgraded their suburban Rolling Meadows location from a full service restaurant to a carry-out/delivery only restaurant. With the downgrade came a new location and new equipment. With all the changes, the residents that this Pizza Hut serves were hoping for better quality service and food.

Unfortunately, if other people's experiences are anything like mine, they will be left disappointed and irritated.

After waiting a couple of weeks for the new location to work out the few kinks that comes out with having a new work space,  I decided to try out the new place the other day. To satisfy my curiosity of seeing the new digs, I called in a pick-up order.

So, at approximately 5:45, I placed my order for a Big Dinner Box Deal. I was told to show up in about 25 minutes to get my order.

I showed up at the new place at around 6:15, figuring I would give them some extra time to ensure my food was ready. Unfortunately, I did not wait long enough before I arrived.

Upon walking in to the store, I noticed the place was packed with people waiting to pick up orders. Some of the other customers claimed to have been there for more than 30 minutes waiting. The other customers were claiming that even though the place was not that busy, the orders were taking way to long to get made.

Worse than waiting though was the fact that the woman behind the counter was absolutely unpleasant. She was rude to the people calling in, and she chose to completely ignore those of us in the waiting area. Of course, attitude is one thing, but it was her uncleanliness that bothered me the most. I personally watched her answer the phone, take money, accept credit cards, prepare pizzas, touch breadsticks, and, I kid you not, spill food on a counter only to pick it up and put it back in box, all without washing her hands a single time.

The manager was no where to be seen, which was horrible considering that when the woman at the counter was on the phone, the items in the oven were piling up.

Even more shocking was that at one point the delivery driver showed up to see if the place needed any help. He was told, "No." Considering that there was food literally burning in the oven, I think it would have been nice had they allowed him to help, especially considering he was the only employee there that acknowledged the customers waiting.

Regardless, it was at approximately 7:00 that my order was finally ready. Feeling grateful that my wait was over, I grabbed my order and left without checking what I was getting.

When I got home, I discovered that my order of Chicken Parmesan wings was only a half-order, my sausage pizza was actually a sausage and pepperoni pizza. and my breadsticks were so hard that I am pretty sure they could have been considered a weapon. I would have called the restaurant to complain; however, I seriously felt that my complaint would have fallen on deaf ears.

So, I recommend that if you are in the Rolling Meadows area, and you want pizza, do not to look to Pizza Hut to satisfy your craving. The new 3330 Kirchoff Road location only offers bad service, substandard food, and long lines.

As a southern guy who grew up on Pizza Hut, I am completely saddened that I must now look elsewhere for good quality Non-Chicago style pizza.

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