National Buffet Day on January 2nd. Evil planning!

Here it is already January 2nd. The new year is not so new anymore. Most people are returning to work today, and, if you are lucky, you will remember to write 2013 instead of 2012 on documents.

Today is also Day 2 of many new diets. I know for me, it is Day 1, as I do not start a diet on a day where I stay up late partying. New Year's Day is a holiday, and must be celebrated with junk food. January 2nd, on the other hand, is just another day where I realize I'm fat.

Regardless, knowing that so many are on a new diet made me laugh at the fact that January 2nd is actually National Buffet Day.

Who was so mean as to schedule National Buffet Day exactly 24 hours after people started their resolutions to drop the pounds?

Who actually celebrates National Buffet Day?

Anyway, if you are looking for an excuse to break that resolution, today is your day. Find yourself a big ole buffet, and dive in. You can restart your diet tomorrow.

If you have willpower, like I try to pretend to have, you may just let this one day pass without celebrating it. That's my plan.

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