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A Gay Election Day: Obama, Gay Marriage, and Tammy Baldwin win

It was a great Election Day for American gays and lesbians. The first president to openly support gay marriage won re-election. I know I, along with most of my gay and lesbian family, were beyond excited to see the election called in the favor of President Barack Obama. However, just as notable, for the first... Read more »

Obama, Romney, Pizza, or Chips? Your vote, you decide!

Did you go out and do your civic duty today? Do you feel you need to be rewarded? Well, you are in luck. Apparently lots of places give out freebies to people with voting stickers. Thanks to the wonderful people over at Hey! It’s Free,  here is a list of  just a few of the places... Read more »

Job Report doesn't help those unemployed!

If you have seen any media reports today, you are well aware that the unemployment rate rose very slightly to 7.9% last month. That is up just .1% from the September rate. I think we can all agree that we are just happy the rate is still below 8%. In addition, though the rate went... Read more »

The Road to Unemployment!

The Road to Unemployment!
It has been a month since my last post. That means a month has passed since I wrote about how excited I was to accept a job in the City of Chicago, as well as how awesome it was that I had finally found a place to live in the City. In all my excitement... Read more »