Victoria Jackson continues her slide in obscurity!

Former Saturday Night Live comedian Victoria Jackson told the Huffington Post that she does not "think people should identify themselves by their sexual life."

This bothers me as a there are many people out there who think that being gay is just about sex. If being gay is just about sex, then marriage is just about sex.

Being gay is about who one builds a life with. Being gay is about how one is perceived by the society in which they live.

Homosexuality is hard-wired into us. It is not something that, contrary to what some people believe, can be changed at the flip of a switch.

Reducing being gay to who one has sex with is just reinforcing stereotypes that have already been proven to be hateful and judgmental.

With that said, I am unsure why the Huffington Post wants to remind us of Jackson's view on anything. This is the same Tea Party supporter that thinks Glee, a television series, is "stealing the innocence away from this whole generation of children."

Even more confusing to me is why Jackson even gets a say on anything. She is the same obvious right-wing lunatic that claimed in a July post on her blog that President Obama has a fake Social Security Number.

Victoria Jackson is the Hollywood equivalent of a homeless man that stands on the corner and yells at passersby that the "End is Near".

Everybody knows she is crazy, we know she has the mental capacity of a pear, and yet media outlets still turn to her for her opinion. Why?

On a side note, apologies to the homeless men who stand on the corner yelling that the "End is Near". I hope I did not offend any of you with my comparison.

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