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Rupert Everett: Fine example of a self-hating homosexual

Rupert Everett: Fine example of a self-hating homosexual
In a time when more and more studies are showing that children raised by homosexual parents are just as normal as those raised by heterosexual parents, self-hating homosexual Rupert Everett disagrees. Everett informed the Sunday Times Magazine that he “can’t think of anything worse than being raised by two dads.” In the same edition, the... Read more »

Naked Arkansas Man Interrupts Newscast

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While KARK-TV was interviewing an elderly couple for a news report, a naked man, identified as Nathaniel Koba, walked out of the woods. This occurred in Benton, Arkansas, which if you know anything about Benton, this is not be surprising to you. I provide this video to you as your laugh for this week’s hump... Read more »

Happy Newspaper Carrier Day!

Happy Newspaper Carrier Day!
Today is National Newspaper Carrier Day. Now I do not blame you if you did not know this as there is a higher chance that you do not have one delivered than there is that you do. More and more people are using digital news providers instead of having an actual newspaper brought to their... Read more »

NBC's The New Normal is breathtakingly funny

I just finished watching NBC’s pilot episode of The New Normal. This show is absolutely hilarious. If the remaining season of the show is as fascinating as the first episode, NBC may have their version of Modern Family on the schedule. Of course, in my opinion, Modern Family quit being funny about two seasons ago.... Read more »

Aaron Schock: Hottie McHotterson!

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I feel as if I have lived under a rock for the past several years. I say only that because I have not been paying enough attention to Aaron Schock. Schock, a Republican, is the U.S. Representative for the 18th Congressional District in Illinois. As the youngest serving U.S. representative, he is also the first U.S.... Read more »

Victoria Jackson continues her slide in obscurity!

Former Saturday Night Live comedian Victoria Jackson told the Huffington Post that she does not “think people should identify themselves by their sexual life.” This bothers me as a there are many people out there who think that being gay is just about sex. If being gay is just about sex, then marriage is just... Read more »

Hate: An American Value

Hate: An American Value
Since the day that Thomas Jefferson referred to Native Americans as “merciless Indian savages” in the Declaration of Independence, hate has been an American value. No matter what is going on in our Country, no matter how powerful our Country is, we have made it a point to try to collectively find a group to hate.... Read more »
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