Happy Newspaper Carrier Day!

Happy Newspaper Carrier Day!
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Today is National Newspaper Carrier Day. Now I do not blame you if you did not know this as there is a higher chance that you do not have one delivered than there is that you do. More and more people are using digital news providers instead of having an actual newspaper brought to their door every morning.

To prove this public switch to digital providers, look no further than a fellow Chicago Now blogger who posted Sunday about having her newspapers stolen. Over half of her comments were questioning why she still had a newspaper delivered at all.

As much as I love to use the Internet to get news, I still love the actual feel of holding and reading a newspaper every morning. Of course, the switch to all-digital is slowly grabbing me as I have gone from receiving four newspapers a day to just one, except on Sunday when I now receive two.

I have gone to completely reading the Wall Street Journal online, and I completely severed my ties with the Daily Herald because of their subscription department. The two papers I still receive actual copies of are, of course, the Chicago Tribune, daily, and the Chicago Sun-Times, Sunday only.

I can see myself going completely Sunday only for all my deliveries before too long; however, I am not sure when, if ever, I can picture myself not having actual newspapers to read on Sunday morning.

My addiction to newspapers started as a child when my Grandfather delivered the Arkansas Gazette. I would love getting up super early so that I could go along with him on his newspaper delivery route. We would pick up the papers in stacks at a local warehouse, and I would bag and fold them as he drove around town stuffing them into paper boxes. Once we finished delivering all the papers, we would head to a local coffee shop where I would read the daily news out of one of the extra copies that we always had leftover.

After the Arkansas Gazette was taken over by the renamed Arkansas Democrat-Gazette and my Grandfather was let go, my Mom got me my own subscription to the newspaper. I would always make sure I was up and ready for school early enough to have time to read the newspaper.

Since my young teenage years, I have almost always depended on a newspaper carrier to bring me the news every day. Even when I moved to the Chicagoland area, I made sure one of the first things I did was to subscribe to a local paper.

So, if you are like me and still look forward to having that bundle of newsprint thrown at your door every morning, take the time today to let your carrier know how much you appreciate them. If things do not improve soon, it may not be too long before newspaper carriers go the way of the milkman.

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