Zeigler Chevrolet: A car dealer without the pressure.

Zeigler Chevrolet: A car dealer without the pressure.

I never deal with car matters. My partner fills it up with gas, and if it needs fixed, he handles it for me. Unfortunately, due to timing issues, that all changed last week.

I had received a notice in the mail telling me to return my car to where I had purchased it because there had been a recall on it. Not being close to where I had purchased the car, I called the number in the letter to find out what to do. They referred me to Zeigler Chevrolet in Schaumburg.

I dreaded taking the car to a dealer. Car dealers, from my experience, are always so pushy and needy. You go in to get one thing done and walk out poor with a new door handle because they told you your car would explode if you did not have one.

Regardless of my distaste for car lots though, I had to get the car fixed, so off to Zeigler I went. I told my partner that I would take the car, but that I would probably be broke when I returned to pick him up from work.

Let me tell you how wrong I was by prejudging the people at Zeigler.

When I arrived, Service Advisor Tom Harrington met me at the door. I explained to him what I was there for, and he said, "No problem. It will take about 90 minutes."

He then asked if I needed a ride home; however, I chose to stay as it was only suppose to be 90 minutes. He then showed me to the waiting area, and told me that if I needed anything to let someone know.

Every employee that passed me spoke with pleasantries. Not one employee tried to hassle me into getting something I did not need.

Almost exactly 90 minutes after I arrived, Mr. Harrington came to me with my keys. He told me that the car was good to go and that the recall-fix should solve any issues I had been having with the car. That was great news as just that week the car had started having major issues with speeds over 40 mph.

With my keys, he handed me my statement that showed no charge for the service. Though I knew the fix was free, I did expect them to try to get me to purchase  something that I knew I did not need.

Needless to say, I was super happy that the fix was so simple. I was even happier when I got back to my car and noticed it had been cleaned inside and out. It was not the fast sort of clean that I was used to either, it was actually really clean.

So,  if you find yourself in need of a dealership, I would highly recommend you go to Zeigler in Schaumburg. Located at 1230 E. Golf Road, I am certain that Zeigler will give you the awesome service they gave me.

I am just wishing that I had purchased my car from them in the first place. Unfortunately, even though my car was bought with only 6 miles on it, the dealer in Arkansas where I got the car was never able to get my OnStar working. It sucks to not have OnStar, as that is one of the reasons I purchased my Chevrolet Aveo.

Regardless, maybe my next car will be from Zeigler.


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