Friends: They were not there for my partner.

Friends: They were not there for my partner.

What does Rachel, Phoebe, Monica, Joey, Chandler, and Ross all have in common?

Well aside from being the characters in the hugely popular hit television series Friends, they were, until recently, unknown to my partner.

I was absolutely shocked when I became aware of this fact.

While watching reruns of the show on WGN one night, he simply asked a question about one of the characters. I sarcastically responded with, "You are joking right?"

When he said he was not, I told him that it was Friends, and he should already know that. I was hoping that maybe he was just having a small brain fart. However, no matter what I said about the show, he just looked confused as to what I was talking about.

That is when he dropped the bombshell. He said the words that I thought I would never hear from someone even remotely around my age.

"I have never seen Friends," he said.

After a very long question and answer round with him to verify that he was not joking, I realized that he must watch this show.

So, after a week of watching the one episode a night on WGN, we decided to speed up the process and just go get the series on DVD.

So far he has completed Season One in a matter of days.

Judging from how many episodes a night he is watching - approximately five, I am assuming he is in love with the show.

Not only is it cute to watch him experience the episodes for the first time, it is fun for me to re-watch all the episodes that I have forgotten about.

Is there a show out there that was hugely popular that you missed out on?


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