Some people just suck!

It sucks having to admit I messed up; however, that is exactly what I am having to do. I got too comfortable at my gym, and now I have to pay the price, literally.

While showering at the gym today, I got a weird feeling that something was wrong. The feeling was not that something was wrong with me, but that something was wrong in the locker room. After the feeling refused to subside after almost a full minute, I jumped out of the shower, dried off, and headed to the locker room.

That is where I discovered somebody had gone through my gym bag and had stolen my iPod. Fortunately the wallets, keys, and phones were locked away in the locker. Unfortunately, I had gotten comfortable just locking my iPod away in my gym bag in one of the side zipper compartments. Up until now, I did not place my gym bag inside my locker. Stupid me, I know.

I was livid. I am still livid.

On a good note, it is just an iPod. Nobody was injured, and nothing was taken that cannot be replaced. Regardless though of the facts, it still makes me super mad that somebody went through my stuff.

Even worse is the fact that I saw someone looking suspicious, but I could not do anything about it. I was completely naked. Even worse, by the time I had gotten dressed and made it to the front desk, the suspicious person was gone.

So, lesson learned. No matter how much you love a place, do not let your guard down.

Some people just suck, and it sucks.

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