Review: Kings Rosemont is the hidden gem of bowling alleys.

Review: Kings Rosemont is the hidden gem of bowling alleys.

The other night I had some friends come in from Little Rock. Since it was not their first time in the Chicago area, they had done the more touristy stuff. So to give them something a bit different, we headed over to Kings Bowling in Rosemont.

Now I have to let everyone know that I had actually never heard of this place until recently; however, once I had heard about it, I definitely wanted to go. It sounded pretty cool from the descriptions I had been given. Fortunate for me, all the descriptions were spot on, and I did not embarrass myself in front of my guests.

When you walk up to Kings, it feels like a Las Vegas strip joint. The whole area is decked out in lights. Kings is so glittery and shiny that I just wanted to run through the doors and take off my clothes; however, it is a bowling alley, not a strip joint.

The inside is every bit as done up as the outside. The place is lit with light from every direction, there are huge stars on the wall, and, even though I did not actually count, I am pretty sure there are close to 20,000 televisions in the place. Each wall is either a television or a collection of televisions.

Of course, regardless of how awesome the decor is, the reason we were there was for the bowling. The 20 ten-pin lanes were pretty awesome. There are plenty of balls, plenty of lanes, and the scoring system is animated and up-to-date. Sometimes I get tired of going into bowling alleys that look like they have not been remodeled since 1957. Though Kings does have a classic taste, you can tell it is modern.

After some bowling we got thirsty and went to one of the two bars to get drinks. The drink choices were too many to even take in. Matter-of-fact, our group stuck with beer and soda. It made it easier to keep drinking. Fortunately, they gave us a waiter soon after. He was on top of our drinks too. I loved never being with an empty glass. On that note, I offer you this tip: Get Chad to be your waiter. He was wonderful. We could not have asked for better one.

Now with drinks come hunger. That is when we discovered this place does not serve your typical bowling alley food. Kings features a wonderful dining area both inside and outside, a menu that features everything from pizza to sushi, and a dessert menu that will leave your mouth watering. Instead of going for food, we opted to just have dessert.

The first dessert we got was the Giant Chocolate Chip Cookie. The cookie is literally the size of the plate. It is warm, gooey, and completely full of melted chocolate. Add to that the fact that it is served with ice cream and drizzled in chocolate sauce, and we were in sugar heaven. We thought we would be hard pressed to find something better; however, we found something better very quickly.

When the Bradley's Chocolate Cake arrived, we were literally gathered around the plate all taking bites. Alex, one of my guests, said it was one of the best things ever. The cake is served with hazelnuts and creme anglaise. The cake literally melts in  your mouth as soon as you put it in. To say it is delicious is an understatement.

After dessert we were completely crashed. Between the alcohol and the sugary goodness, we were all mere seconds from collapsing. So we said our goodbyes to the wonderful staff, and then left one of the best hidden secrets Chicagoland offers.

I say hidden secrets because Kings is not the easiest place to find. Located at 5505 Park Place in Rosemont, the building seems hidden by either a parking garage or a movie theater. Just note that once you turn into the parking garage, keep driving. Even though it seems like nothing is there, you will pass through the garage and be in the area where Kings is.

Regardless though of how hard it is to find, I encourage everyone to make the trip to Kings. The building is awesome, the staff is fabulous, the bar is stocked, the food is die food, and the bowling is as good as it gets.


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