Cirque Shanghai: Year of the Dragon is at Navy Pier

Cirque Shanghai: Year of the Dragon is at Navy Pier

I have finally made my first trip to Navy Pier. Believe it or not, I have lived here for almost 18 months and had yet to visit; however, I ended that monstrosity when I finally visited this past weekend so that I could see Cirque Shanghai: Year of the Dragon at the Pepsi Skyline Stage.

First and foremost, let me tell you that Navy Pier is pretty sweet. With the exception of a horrible lunch experience at America's Dog, the visit was pretty freaking awesome. I love the views from the Pier. Kyle, my friend Stephanie, and I enjoyed just walking along the Pier. I cannot wait to go back and experience more of it.

However, back to the reason I was there. Cirque Shanghai was my first time seeing a Cirque show ever. When I heard about the performance, I thought it looked pretty awesome, and I felt it might be a great introduction into all things Cirque.

It did leave a good first impression. The felexibility and talent of these young men and women from China left me in complete awe. Watching this group do everything from juggling to more extreme acts like the Wheel of Death left me in amazement.

The Wheel of Death has to be one of the most fascinating things ever. Four motorcycles, called Imperial Thunder, enter a cage and go at breakneck speeds in all directions. I was excited and fearful all at the same time. I had no clue how they could all 4 be in there at the exact same time. Even more courageous though would be if five were in there, like the information flyer said. Unfortunately, we only got four motorcyclists at one time. Regardless though, I loved it.

Prior to the Wheel of Death, there are tons of other acts like silks, which was one of the prettiest acrobatic things I had ever seen. The things those performers can do while holding on to silk fabric hanging from the ceiling was awesome. At one point, I was in such amazement at how she was balancing on the silk that I was pretty certain it was rigged some how. Fortunately, when she came down and I saw how twisted and maneuvered the silk was, I realized it was sheer talent and nothing more.

Finally seeing such wonderful acts like the chair stacking and foot juggling was amazing. Seeing these types of performances on television and online are amazing. Seeing them in person is completely jaw-dropping. I cannot believe I waited on long.

Another thing that I thought would be fabulous was the Wheel of Destiny. Unfortunately, the show ended without this act ever taking the stage. Kyle and I were disappointed as this was the stunt that is featured on all the commercials and promotional materials for the show. When I asked a worker at the end of the 60-minute performance why this was not featured, I was told that due to mechanical issues that it was not being used at this time. So, while disappointed, I completely understand.

I encourage you to stop by and see this performance with or without the Wheel of Destiny. Of course secretly I hope your performance does feature the Wheel as Destiny as I am still sure it is an amazing site to see. Regardless though, the entire show is amazing. From the beginning to the end, you will be left in amazement. I know we were.

Just to share important information though, the show is only being performed until September 3rd. So if you want to see it, and I know you do, you better act fact. The show will end in less than a month and a half.

Future note though if you visit, make sure you go on a cool day. The production is held inside of the 1,500 seat, open-air theater in the middle of Navy Pier. So, when it is 100 degrees outside, it is also a 100 degrees watching the show. Fortunately, they sold paper fans that helped keep me cool throughout the show. Better yet, when you order your tickets, just get yours for the later performances.

Regardless though of when you go, just go! Oh, and while you are going places, also remember to head over to the ArkieLad Facebook Page and click Like!

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