ArkieLad: One Year Later

I cannot believe that one year ago today ArkieLad was born. When the blog started, I was pretty sure that after one or two posts I would receive an e-mail telling me the blog was canned and I was being kicked off the ChicagoNow site. Fortunately, 366 days later, I am still here.

Over the past year I have talked a lot about myself and my life. Weight issues and health matters have also played a pretty big roll on my blog. Heck, even politics and religion have sprung their ugly head up on the site a time or two; however, one my favorite type of posts to write are the reviews.

I never knew I would fall in love with doing reviews; however, I love experiencing new things and sharing my experience with others. As a newcomer to the area, so much is new to me. I feel that if I can make it feel new to a reader again, then I have done a good job.

Another new love is talking about friendship and relationship issues. This is a topic that I plan on doing a lot more on in the future. I never realized how hard it would be to repopulate an entire group of friends.

One thing that did not last long on the blog was the advice column portion of the blog. I was recycling letters from other sources to show how my advice about relationships, work, family matters, etc. would differ from those of well known columnists. Though it was fun, the novelty sort of worn off relatively quickly.

I also learned that once I make a theme, I am bound to fail at it. I like my blog to be random, just like my thoughts. Once I say that the entire month is going to be dedicated to fishing (or something I might actually write about), my brain will go completely dumb. No matter how hard I try, I will not be able to come up with a single post until the end of the month.

Now I just blog about whatever, whenever. Though some readers may be turned away because they only have one topic of interest, I figure the majority of people have a variety of interests. I hope that maybe, on some level, I can appeal to a couple of their varied interests.

On another note, I discovered that I love to start sentences with words like also, however, plus, and so. I never knew I did that until I started rereading my posts. I promise to work on that.

I am happy to report that since starting the blog, my southern accent has gotten a lot less distinct. When stepping away from the blog and talking to people in real time, I no longer get asked constantly where I am from. With the exception of how I pronounce a few words like wash and boil, I fit in with other Yankee talkers.

Regardless though of accent or not, after a year of blogging and a year and a half of living in the area, I officially feel at home. Thank you for reading, commenting, and friending me. It means so much.

I hope that over the next year - hopefully years, you keep coming back and reading my random thoughts and jibberish. Maybe, just maybe, you will find something of interest to you. In either case, thank you for a wonderful first year of ArkieLad.

To celebrate the one-year anniversary and keep up-to-date on year two, go on over to Facebook and like the ArkieLad Page. You can get there by click here.

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