Searching for the naked spider man...

I have to confess that my biggest fear is spiders. I have pushed people out of my way because of a spider, I have even pushed my partner into a spider, and, just once, I jumped off a balcony to get away from a darn spider. However, the one thing I have not done, is run outside naked to get away from one.

So, imagine my surprise to read an article about a guy who did. Apparently I have finally discovered someone more afraid of them than I am.

According to the Chicago Sun-Times, a man in Albion, Illinois was sleeping naked when he discovered a spider in his bed. In his haste to get away, he failed to grab clothes. Of course, he also failed to open his glass door.

The article reports that:

"(Edwards County) Sheriff Darby Boewe says the disoriented man apparently ran through a glass storm door to escape, cutting his arms, legs and a finger.

Authorities fielded numerous reports of a bloody streaker and later found the man back at his home, where he’d donned some shorts."

The paper reported that the kind of spider is unknown, which leads me to believe they could not find it. So, I am left wondering if the man is staying in his bedroom again. Until that darn thing was found, I would be unable to sleep at all. Once it was found, I would still have a hard time sleeping as I would remember seeing it.

I just have to say that I hope this guy comes forward. I want to put a face to the man who streaked over a spider.

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  • FYI, many species of spiders exhibit male-male sexual mating habits and many are almost exclusively homosexual.

  • I, too, fear spiders. *shudder* just thinking about spiders makes me feel like I have them crawling all over me, now...

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