Review: Uptown Cafe - Good food worth the cost of no service

While driving around one morning, my partner and I decided to stop at Uptown Cafe in Arlington Heights for breakfast. The diner, located at 24 East Miner Street in Arlington Heights, is a busy little eatery.

My initial impression was not great only because the table we were being placed at had just had a customer leave. The previous customer was alone, while our party was going to have two people. We were seated before the table was clean, and, when they did clean, instead of replacing all the silverware on the table, they only replaced the silverware that the previous person had used. I hate restaurants that already have unrolled silverware on the table in the first place; however, if you are going to do that, replace all the silverware when you are going to clean the table. The busboy literally just cleaned around the silverware. He did not move anything when he wiped down the table.

Of course, that is just a personal pet peeve. Once the table was "cleaned", our waitress came over and handed us menus. The sticker shock will surprise you. If you are not careful, you can easily spend $15.00 per person with drink. A Coke will cost you $2.09.

Fortunately, my partner and I both got the platters that included eggs, hashbrowns, pancakes, and a meat - I got bacon, he got sausage. Our entrees were relatively cheap compared to other items on the menu.

Better than our entries being cheaper than the rest of the menu, they was really good. This place knows how to make some hashbrowns and pancakes. Their pancakes are extremely fluffly and light, and their hashbrowns are browned just right. Of course, if we ever go back, it would be merely for the food.

The waitress on the other hand was something else. She was not rude at all; however, she was definitely not friendly. She arrived at the table and asked if we wanted drinks. We ordered our drinks and food. We did not see her again until she brought our food, and after that we did not see her again until she brought our check. I want to point out that she just dropped the check on the table and still did not ask if we needed anything.

I will admit that sometimes, due to my southern hospitality genes, that I expect too much from waitstaff; however, in this case, a simple "hello" or "do you need anything" would have been a major improvement. How can a waitstaff person absolutely not check on their patrons at all. She did not have that many tables at all. Most of our visit, she stood behind the counter and just stared at her section. Weird because you would think if she was going to stare, she could just walk around and ask if everything was okay.

Regardless, if you want friendliness, talk to the lady at the cash register. She was super nice and courteous. Maybe they keep her there to make sure customers are asked if everything is okay.

Of course, everything was okay with the food. The kitchen knew what they were doing, and is that not the whole reason we go out to eat in the first place.

I would recommend everybody check this place out; however, bear in mind that prices can be higher than at any of the other local eateries I have been too. Also, I hope that if you do go, you get a better waitress. I know next time I am there, I hope to.

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