Review: East Side Pub - Like your local bar but further away!

Review: East Side Pub - Like your local bar but further away!

With so much to do in Cook County, unless it is for a very special reason, we normally head further into the County, instead of out of it. However, Kyle's family was having an event at the East Side Pub in St. Charles that forced us out of our comfort zone. Of course, what fun would it be to visit a place without writing about it.

One of the first things you will notice about this little bar is that it is a sports bar, or, to be honest, is trying desperately to be a sports bar. Every sport and every local team is represented either on the wall or the ceiling.

Considering that the bar is located on a pretty busy stretch of road in Kane County, I was surprised more people were not there. From the time we got there until we left, no more than 20 patrons, including our party of at least 10, were at the place.

Now, unbeknownst to us, everybody else had eaten before they arrived. Kyle and I had not. So, first and foremost we ordered dinner. Though the food is not bad, the cook should learn what "well done" means. My burger had quiet a bit of pink left in it. For some people, that is okay; however, I like my meat well done, no exceptions. Of course, it was still not bad. The burger and fries were great. Plus, considering their food is super cheap for bar food, I would give the place a solid B on food.

The staff at the bar was awesome. They were very friendly and courteous from the moment we walked in. Matter-of-fact, everybody there was super friendly. Even the patrons in the bar.

On the night we visited, the featured entertainment was karaoke. Though karaoke can be fun, you need people willing to sing songs to make it fun. The DJ player sang most of the songs. The jockey who does the karaoke is very proud of her job, and is probably one of her biggest promoters.

All-in-all, if you are in St. Charles, stop by 2400 East Main Street and pay the East Side Pub a visit. If you are not in the area, visit a local bar near you for the exact same experience.

Of course, regardless if you are into karaoke or not, feel free to find me on Facebook & Twitter.

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