Living without cable television: Two months later...

It has been a while since Kyle and I said goodbye to Comcast. In a post from May 14, I explained why we were giving up cable for Amazon Prime and Hulu. The basic reasons were just that rates kept going up. Add that to the fact that we watch less and less television, and we could no longer justify paying over $100.00 per month for television.

Now that we are well into two months of being cable-less, we have adjusted just fine. We spend most of our time outside the house or working on various projects; however, when we do watch television, we just flip on Amazon or Hulu and away we go.

Considering that we normally watched shows we had DVRed, having to wait a day after a program airs to watch it on Hulu has not even been noticeable. Matter-of-fact, we are even using Hulu to go back and watch shows we have never watched.

For example, Grimm is one that we are catching up on. We never watched it when it aired, but now we watch it to fill gaps in our days.

Kyle is addicted to watching Star Trek: Voyager. Normally if we do not have anything going on and we want the background noise, he will turn on ST:V and just let it play.

Of course, if Kyle is doing something and I get bored, I will watch Gilligan's Island. I love that show.

Now, the one thing we do still have with Comcast is local channels. We pay $10.00 per month to get the very basic local channels. However, if we ever got an antenna that is good enough to get them over-the-air, I would ditch that package with Comcast. Unfortunately, in the area that we are in, antennas just do not pick up anything of value.

All-in-all, I think we have made a wonderful decision, and one that I do not regret. Of course, Sunday nights when True Blood is on, I make sure I find a friend that has HBO.

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  • Star Trek Voyager for the background noise? Sort of like the cosmic microwave background from the Big Bang.

    I think we'd all be better off without the 24-7 electronic media entertainment. Neil Postman wrote a great book about how intellectually and emotionally numbing this can be: "Entertaining Ourselves to Death".

    We are becoming digital lemmings programmed to think and act by these technical devices. They are the opiate of the people.

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