Illinois Attorney General joins lawsuit in support of Marriage Equality

Illinois Attorney General joins lawsuit in support of Marriage Equality

Kicking off Gay Pride month with a bang, and just one day after the First Circuit Court of Appeals called the Defense of Marriage Act unconstitutional, Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan filed papers to join Lambda Legal's lawsuit of 16 same-sex couples who seek the right to marry.

The papers, filed in the Circuit Court of Cook County, claimed that the law in Illinois that prohibits same-sex couples from marrying violates the Illinois Constitution's equality guarantee and is unconstitutional. The Attorney General is joining the lawsuit just two days after it was filed on behalf of the same-sex couples.

According to an article reported by the Windy City Media Group, the Attorney General is also joining the lawsuit filed by the ACLU of Illinois that represents 9 same-sex couples. The ACLU of Illinois filed their lawsuit the same day as Lambda Legal.

That same article by the WCMG, reports that Camilla Taylor, the National Marriage Project Direct for Lambda Legal,  had this to say about today's events:

"It's no surprise that Attorney General Lisa Madigan, responsible for assessing the state's position on the constitutionality of its various laws, would find the marriage ban indefensible. The marriage ban targets same-sex couples and their children for discriminatory treatment. Illinois elected officials at every level of state and federal government have come to the same conclusion that we have -- that the marriage ban harms these families, and that it's just time to end this discriminatory chapter of our history."

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