Father's Day for the Dad-Less

Father's Day is winding down. If you are a father, or have one that is still around, I hope it was a great one for you. I, on the other hand, keep forgetting that it is Father's Day.

For instance, this morning when I visited a local restaurant for breakfast, I could not believe how packed the place was. It was not until my partner said something about it being Father's Day, that I realized people were there celebrating their dads.

Later in the morning, I was off to the gym. That place was deserted. It was not until I was leaving that it hit me that all the men were probably out with their families.

Keep in mind that I am not rude or insensitive about Father's Day, but it has just never been a big day to me.

My father passed away right after I was born. I never met him, never knew much about him, and, because of those two reasons, never really gave it much thought. When you are raised without something, it becomes foreign to you.

I do not spend Father's Day wishing I had a dad in my life. I do not drone on and on about how I am fatherless. I just forget that the day even exists.

I have always found it amusing when people find out that I never had a dad in my life. They ask me questions like, "do you not miss him?". How would I miss something I never knew?

Add to the life without a dad thing the fact that as a gay man, I will never have children, and you have exactly zero reasons in my life to celebrate Father's Day. Side Note: I know gay men can acquire children; however, at this point in my life, I do not see that happening for me. 

Since I do not have a father that I know and I will never be a father, Father's Day is just another Sunday. It has never and, more likely than not, will never mean anything.

So, if you are a father or have a father in your life, enjoy it and reveal in it. Not everyone gets that privilege. Though it is very hard for me to imagine my life with a Dad, I am sure it would be very sad to imagine yours without one. So, enjoy yours while you can.

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