Rolling Meadows calling upon residents to help fund events

 Rolling Meadows calling upon residents to help fund events

The City of Rolling Meadows, like communities all over the country, is facing tough financial times. Unfortunately for community members, when the budget gets cut, many community events are the first to go or get scaled down.

Fortunately, businesses and residents of Rolling Meadows can stop this from happening in their community. The Rolling Meadows’ Community Events Foundation has been founded to help offset the cost of community events throughout the year.

Without the Foundation’s help, families, and more importantly the children, in the community could be left without free, local events to attend. Events that bond residents to their hometown could become a thing in the past.

All donations, which are tax-deductible, collected will be used for events such as parades, dinners, downtown decorations, maintenance and upkeep of the Rolling Meadows Historical Museum, and the hugely popular holiday tree lighting.

Businesses, residents, and anyone looking to contribute to the Rolling Meadows Community Events Foundation can do so by mailing donations to: RM Community Events Foundation, c/o Rolling Meadows City Hall, 3600 Kirchoff Road, Rolling Meadows, IL 60008. Please make checks payable to RM Community Events Foundation.

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