Review: Taqueria Las Cumbres in Crystal Lake is perfection!

Review: Taqueria Las Cumbres in Crystal Lake is perfection!
Look for this sign, or you may miss the restaurant.

In a post I did early last month, I mentioned how I had finally found Mexican food in Chicagoland that I loved. Apparently, I had just been searching in the wrong places. Now, I have two favorite places in as many months.

I had a friend take me to Taqueria Las Cumbres recently. Located at 93 Grant Street in far-northwestern suburban Crystal Lake, Taqueria Las Cumbres delivers on great food and a friendly staff. Though I will point out that the decor of the place leaves a lot to be desired, the food will more than make up for their lack of style.

Their chips and salsa that come before your entree taste fresh and delicious. If you are like me, you will be required to prevent yourself from filling up on these chips before your main meal. Fortunately I had built up quiet an appetite before visiting.

My entree of choice was the steak fajitas. Let me tell you that they were so delicious. The steak was so tender and juicy, and the vegetables were grilled to perfection. This place even had the seasonings just right.

Kyle, who had the chicken burrito, was served with an entree that was as big as he was. I kid you not, his burrito was so huge he was having a hard time wrapping his hands around it. Not only was it a huge portion, he said he loved it.

This is one restaurant that does not skimp on the meat when making your entree. While I am pretty sure my fajitas were served with a whole steak, I know that Kyle must of had an entire chicken stuffed in his burrito.

So, if you happen to be in Crystal Lake, make sure you stop by and visit Taqueria Las Cumbres. The prices are low and the food is great.

I know that next time we are in the area, we will be stopping by again. You should too.

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