Living without cable television: Not as hard as I thought!

Living without cable television: Not as hard as I thought!

The hubby and I are trying something out for a while to see if we like it. It all started because we got tired of paying Comcast over $100.00 a month for background noise. Rarely did we use Comcast for anything other than noise, and when we did want to watch television, we normally watched a broadcast network.

So two weeks ago today, we made a decision and pulled the plug on cable. We get our shows now either on local channels, through Amazon Prime (which is fabulous by the way), or through Hulu.

So far, it has not been horrible. We normally watch local channels for news in the morning and afternoon. After the news, we alternate between Amazon and Hulu for our evening entertainment.

There are very few shows we have yet to find on Amazon or Hulu. Though we miss those shows, we project to spend less than $10.00 per month on television. That total is much better than the amount we normally paid to Comcast. So with the amount of savings, I am okay with missing Cupcake Wars.

We plan on sticking with it for at least a few months and seeing what we think.

Let me know if you have ever gone without cable in the comments below.

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  • I was cable free for 6 years.....that was until I got married. My husband insisted we get cable in our new home....and I hate it. Comcast has been nothing but a horror since signing up for a $69 a month plan that has somehow inexplicably risen $30 and Comcast can't explain why. I'm so over it!!!

    You'll have no problem finding good things to watch. The few channels that aren't on Hulu (HGTV, Food Network, TLC, BRAVO) aren't on Hulu because all they do is constantly rerun their programs - so there's no incentive to have it on demand. Which is terrible because I LOVE Food Network : -(

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