Lesbians needed... apply within!

Lesbians needed... apply within!

As I have mentioned, I am moving. I have also mentioned that I hate moving.  Unfortunately, I am discovering that I only have myself to blame in having to move myself because of a fatal mistake I made.

You see, when I moved here I tried to make as many friends as possible; however, I failed to make any lesbian friends.

This saddens me.

It saddens me because lesbians can be awesome. They can protect me when I go out, change the oil in my car, beat up bad guys, and, most importantly, lesbians are the best at moving.

Seriously, they move constantly - mostly in with each other.

Once in Little Rock, I saw a lesbian moving a mattress and a box spring AT THE SAME TIME. She hoisted them over her head and carried them inside. I'm a gay boy. I have to have two people help me carry first the mattress and then the box spring.

So not fair!

So, if you are a lesbian or know someone who is, please point them to my Facebook and/or Twitter page. Tell them to friend me. Also, tell them to come over tonight after work to help me move.

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