Kate Sullivan will always remind me of Arkansas

I was taken back to Arkansas circa 2005 when driving through downtown Chicago earlier today. Though I know Kate Sullivan co-anchors WBBM CBS 2 News, I cannot help but only remember her from KATV Channel 7 in Little Rock, Arkansas.

I loved watching her anchor the news there, and, when she left, I believe she left to go to New York. However, she was in Chicago when I got here.

Fortunately, whenever I get homesick, I can tune to her newscast and feel find a bit of home.

Of course, unfortunate for Chicago viewers, the best story Kate ever did was living in an apartment for one month without being able to leave. She had to get everything she needed via the Internet. Being that this occurred in Arkansas years ago, it proved quiet an interesting assignment. I believe it is also what led Kate to the popularity of being able to take on anchoring roles.

So, for those of you CBS 2 viewers, know that while you are getting your news, I am getting a taste of home.



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  • For some reason (besides her obvious pulchritude), she's one of my favorites.

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