Forever Marilyn: Fun & Interesting. Nothing more!

I finally made the trip to see the 26-foot tall Marilyn Monroe statue yesterday.  Since the statue is being removed today, I wanted to make sure that I got my chance to view it. Though I am not a huge Marilyn Monroe fan, I must say that the statue is very interesting. Kyle and I both posed in Pioneer Court to make sure we had captured ourselves under the flowing dress of Mrs. Monroe.

Titled Forever Marilyn, the statue features Mrs. Monroe in her famous pose from the 1955 movie The Seven Year Itch. In the pose Mrs. Monroe is attempting to hold her dress in place as a vent blows it up. Because of the air, her panties become visible.

Throughout the 9 months that it has been on display, there has been just as much criticism of the statue as praise. Though I am not sure the statue will ever end up in the Smithsonian, I see nothing wrong with it. It is not vulgar or inappropriate. I think some people are just prudes and need something to complain about.

Regardless, I am glad I will forever have the memory of seeing Forever Marilyn.

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