The Revolution is canceled!

The Revolution is canceled!

I am a bit sad to report that The Revolution has been canceled. The show will end on July 7th.

When The Revolution began airing, I really enjoyed it. Unfortunately, about a month ago I quit watching. They were making changes to the show that left me unentertained and uninformed.

I was obviously not alone in that feeling. The show only averaged around 1.33 million viewers per episode. The number of key demographic viewers for The Revolution were about half of what One Life To Live received, which led to its cancellation.

According to TV by the Numbers, the show will replaced by GMA in the Afternoon. Of course, GMA in the Afternoon will only air until Friday, September 7, 2012. The following Monday, most ABC stations will begin airing Katie, the new talk show by Katie Couric.

It is worth noting that with the above announcement, it was also mentioned that General Hospital has been picked up for one more year. This should come as no surprise considering that next April, General Hospital will celebrate 50 years on the air. That is a milestone that ABC did not want to mess up by canceling the show prematurely.


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