SLFs Give Back, So Can You!

Today is Day 2 of Supportive Living Week 2012.  I explained in yesterday's kickoff post how valuable Supportive Living Facilities, SLFs, are to the families of Illinois. Today, I am going to show how communities benefit from SLFs.

Of course, first and foremost you have the benefit of having your family close to you if you have a SLF in your community. The jobs a SLF bring to the community are also very important. What you may not know though, is that communities benefit way more than just those two things.

Last week in the Illinois State Capitol, the Affordable Assisted Living Coalition showed off how SLFs give back to the communities they are in.

In my facility alone, we do many things to benefit our local community. Just a few things are:

  • Our residents have a club where they make knit caps and then donate them to local hospitals for premature babies;
  • Our facility welcomes local organizations such as the Boys Scouts to the facility to help young children learn to assist those in need;
  • Just this past year, our facility participated in the Helping our Heroes program where our staff and residents wrapped gifts in exchange for a donation to veterans;
  • Each year the staff and residents of our facility come together to raise money to fight Alzheimer's; and
  • Twice in the past year, our facility has held fitness classes to show seniors in the communities how to stay fit and healthy.

The best part of that list is that it is just a small taste of all we do for the community.
Other SLFs in Illinois do things similar things such as food and clothing drives, fan drives, community fairs, information meetings, and more.  It is rare that you will find a Medicaid funded program that gives so much back to the community it is in.
If you have a SLF in your area, know that you can help them with their causes. Most SLFs allow volunteers to come in and help our with community programs.
So, there are two things I want you to take away from my SLF post today. First, know that SLFs are a very valuable benefit to the community they are located in. Second, know that if you have the urge to help your community, contact your local SLF and ask if they are currently accepting volunteers. Volunteering at a SLF is a great way to have fun while giving back to your community.

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