Contact Senators TODAY About DON Score Increase

For the last day of Supportive Living Week in Illinois, I want to call your attention to a release from the Affordable Assisted Living Coalition:

The Governor is pushing to have his Medicaid plan drafted into legislation by next week. It has been reported he wants the legislation passed by May 10th. We believe our best chance of preventing the DON score raise is to contact state Senators to have them oppose it. You must act quickly.

Call or visit them. Write them a letter or email. Get them the message to vote NO on raising the DON score.

The Governor's proposed Medicaid Stabilization Plan will harm SLF residents greatly. See Governor's Medicaid Proposal.

One of the most damaging cuts to SLF residents would be to raise the DON score to 37, which is on Governor's list (see item #23 on chart of FY13 Medicaid Liability and Spending Reductions).

It has been estimated that raising the DON score to 37 to qualify for Medicaid payment in SLFs will eventually keep 44% of Medicaid residents from getting to reside in a SLF. Where will these frail seniors and disabled go? They can't get home care or nursing home help either, because the same DON score will apply to those programs.

This is very important, and will have lasting negative effects for seniors. So, with that in mind, please take the time to contact your local representatives today.

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