A day in the life of a very spoiled dog...

I know that I have not been on the blog a lot, and I apologize for that. Not only have I been a very bad blogger, I have been very sick. After I finally finished with a sinus infection, I got the flu. Once I thought I was out of the clear on that, I ended up with food poisoning and/or the stomach flu. I say and/or because I thought it was food poisoning, until everybody around me got it 5 days later. Fortunately, I am starting to feel back to 100% again. Please pray that there is not another illness waiting for me around the corner.

Anyway, for my return to blogging, I thought I would so something fun. I am going to share you you some photos of my dog Nibbler.

On Tuesday, Nibbler had an appointment with The Grooming Spa. His Winter coat was getting way out of hand, and his Daddies decided it was time to get ready for Summer. This was his first visit to The Grooming Spa, located at 21 North Wilke Road in Arlington Heights.

Kyle had made the appointment, and because of our work schedule, our friend Jen dropped Nibbler off. When the appointment was made, we asked that Nibbler be shaved down. However, when Jen sent me a picture of him after grooming, he was still very shaggy. Needless to say, I was livid.

I rushed home, grabbed Nibbler, and off to The Grooming Spa I went. Expecting to throw a huge fit, I was surprised, and thrown off my guard, when I was met with niceness. When asked what was wrong, I informed them that his haircut was not acceptable and that I was not happy. I was immediately issued an apology, and Nibbler was back onto the grooming table to be fixed.

I was assured that it was merely an oversight, and that the woman who had taken Nibbler in that morning had not informed the groomer correctly. Being a reasonable man, I know that mistakes happen, and I would never hold one against someone. Plus, I was so pleased that they were so eager to fix the mistake, that I was no longer upset.

Rarely in today's market when a company messes up, will the customer ever receive an apology. They offer refunds, discounts, or whatever; however, sometimes all it takes is an apology. Not expecting one when I arrived, I was calmed down immensely when I received one. It changed my whole view on the situation.

Nibbler was completed quickly and beautifully, and his Dads were left super happy and satisfied. The women at The Grooming Spa were so friendly and helpful that I picture myself using them again. Plus, as an added bonus, they were taking Easter pictures of the pets that came in. So, Nibbler has his 2012 Easter picture already. You can see it below. 

Of course, once Nibbler was all beautified, I had to take him to work to show him off. He had a great day of pampering, followed by a wonderful day of being spoiled rotten. Between him getting constant attention, my boss feeding him his favorite treat, and the residents rubbing him, Nibbler was in Heaven.

Below, I have pictures of his day at my job, including him getting to be onstage with the 2010 Leonardo da Vinci Award of Excellence in Music winner Frank Rossi. Rossi not only shared the spotlight with Nibbler, he even sang a few songs just for him.

So, I hope you enjoy getting to learn a bit more about Nibbler, the cutest dog ever!

*Note all photos were taken with a cell phone, and may not be the best photographs ever.



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  • Welcome back! I was wondering where you were! Glad you are feeling better. Pics of Nibbler give me the "wants" but I've sworn off any more pets.

    Here's to your good health from now on!

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