Laugh Out Loud Comedy Club is worth its weight in gold...

While our Arkansas friends were here visiting, we had them go with us to the Chicagoland Pet Expo at Arlington Park Racecourse. This was the second year that Kyle and I attended, and like last year, it was huge and fabulous. I really liked going this year because I got rubber ducks, which I collect. Two organizations,  As Good As Gold and Anderson Animal Shelter, both had ducks available for $1.00. That made me super happy because now my bathroom has even more rubber ducks in it than before.

Of course, the best part of the day was after the Expo when we took our friends to Laugh Out Loud Theater in Schaumburg. Kyle and I have had passes to this place forever; however, we had never been. So, since we had company and an evening to kill, we decided to finally take the plunge and visit.

Laugh Out Loud is an Improv club, so if you go, be prepared to participate. Plus, with it being improv, you can go to every show and see something completely different. Though the actors change out regularly , our entertainment for the night was provided by Chris Day, Harz Sondericker, and two other equally hilarious, yet hard to remember their names, actors.

I must say that the four of us had a blast. I would totally recommend this place to anyone. First and foremost, it made for a great evening. Second, it is super cheap. With the economy being the way it is, Laugh Out Loud provides entertainment that will more than give you your bang for your buck.

There are two shows each on Friday and Saturday. The 7:30 pm show is more family friendly, while the 9:30 pm show features segments such as the "Master Debator" contest. Of course, the four of us attended the 9:30 pm show.

Laugh Out Loud is located at 601 N. Martingale Road in Schaumburg. If that address does not ring a bell, just know that the theater is in the middle of the Streets of Woodfield.

Finally, once you enter Laugh Out Loud, be prepared to be amazed by knowing that, according to their own staff, Laugh Out Loud is the Number One Improv comedy club in the world located under a bridal shop, in a mall, next to a bigger mall.

Now, go out and prosper, and get to Laugh Out Loud Theater as soon as humanly possible (on Friday).

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