Choose your personal anthem today!

Today is National Anthem Day. Though the day is used to honor the Star Spangled Banner, I think we should use it to pick our own personal anthem as well.

What song describes your life? Is it a fast song, or does you life flow more to the beat of an Adele song?

My personal anthem song was always Wrong Side of Memphis by Trisha Yearwood. However, now that I live on the other side of Memphis, I am much happier and can no longer use this as my theme song. I always wanted something bigger than Arkansas, and I got it by moving to Chicago.

So, since I had to go search for a new anthem, I found one I like. My new anthem fits more with my new lifestyle change of trying to be healthier. It also works with all the new adventures and opportunities that have been opened with my move to a much larger metropolitan area.

With lyrics such as "It's never too late to try" and "You could be so many people," I just love this song. I really try to apply it to my everyday life.

In case you are not good at Name That Tune, the song I am speaking of is Proud by Heather Small. Of course, as a gay man I enjoy the remix more. I have some really good remixes of it on my player that I listen to when I am doing my early morning workouts.

On a side note, another song I love to workout to is Fighter by Christina Aguilera.

So, do you have an anthem?


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  • "High Hopes" by Jimmy Van Heusen. I voted for Obama.

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