Chicago History Museum is a great way to appreciate a great city!

One of the first things I did when my friends visited Chicago was take them to the Chicago History Museum. What better way to start a tour of the City, then by learning about its' past.

For the record, if you have not been to this place, go. It is fabulous! Located at 1601 North Clark Street, the Museum promises to educate anyone on our wonderful City.

Once you enter the Museum, you have the Costume and Textile Gallery on your right, which at the time features Charles James. If you have any interest in fashion, you will love this exhibit. Of course, be sure to go soon as it ends April 16, 2012.

Following fashion, be sure to explore the Diorama Hall and Facing Freedom exhibit. Both are wonderful. Diorama Hall gives you a look back at Chicago's past. Facing Freedom explores conflicts from 1850 to 1979 from the perspective of the activist.

Closing tomorrow, but a show I really wanted to see was Out in Chicago. This wonderful exhibit explores the history of gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender people in Chicago. This exhibit (which prohibited photography), was simply amazing. It showcases the many facets of being gay in the area. If you have a chance, run out now and see it.

The Alcoves of the Museum features an Abraham Lincoln exhibit, which features the very bed that Lincoln died in. Following that, you can enter my favorite part of the museum.

The entire south side of the 2nd Floor of the Chicago History Museum features everything Chicago. Whether it's the Jazz and Blues Club showcase, the Second to None section which shows just how much Chicago has contributed to society, or even the City in Crisis, which has a wonderful exhibit on the Chicago Fire, this portion of the Museum makes the entire trip worth it.

While learning about the Chicago Fire, participants can hold burned relics that were found after the fire. Trust me, it is absolutely an amazing experience.

So, make sure you plan a trip to this Museum if you have not been, and if you have been, go again. I am excited to go back and see the MAGIC exhibit that is opening soon.

When you do visit the museum, make sure you plan a long stay. It took us around 4 hours to tour the entire Museum.

Anyway, after the Museum, we took our friends to Hamburger Mary's to wrap up their first day in Chicago. I think they liked the cuteness of Mary's; however, our friends having just landed in Chicago earlier in the day, and Kyle and I having the flu, once we wrapped up eating, we high-tailed it to our house so that everybody could rest.



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  • Well, this is perfect timing! I am writing a novel set in Chicago and am in some serious need for history about Chicago and the Old Town neighborhood. Does the museum go into detail about the different areas of Chicago? Do they have a library on site? (Some of the museums I have visited offer community members to look at books...) Great post! -elizabeth

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