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Introducing the next great Chicago Bulls star...

Due to illness, I dropped the ball on my healthy posts for the month of March. I had also quit tracking what I was eating, and, to make matters worse, I was absent from the gym for two weeks. Of course, this is just life. The point is that I am not giving up on... Read more »

Laugh Out Loud Comedy Club is worth its weight in gold...

While our Arkansas friends were here visiting, we had them go with us to the Chicagoland Pet Expo at Arlington Park Racecourse. This was the second year that Kyle and I attended, and like last year, it was huge and fabulous. I really liked going this year because I got rubber ducks, which I collect.... Read more »

Chicago History Museum is a great way to appreciate a great city!

Out in Chicago at the Chicago History Museum.
One of the first things I did when my friends visited Chicago was take them to the Chicago History Museum. What better way to start a tour of the City, then by learning about its’ past. For the record, if you have not been to this place, go. It is fabulous! Located at 1601 North... Read more »

Flu arrives right before my guests do...

Last Thursday, I had friends from Arkansas visit Chicago. It was the first time that I got to play host in my new ‘hood. Unfortunately, right before they arrived, I got the flu. Though the trip was toned down because of illness, it was still a blast. In the next few days, I will have... Read more »

Seeking suggestions for playing tourist in Chicago...

This week, Kyle and I will be hosting friends from Arkansas. They will be with us for several days, and because of such, we get to play tourist. Fortunately, we love it here. Unfortunately, the more we get settled in, the more we find ourselves with less time to do all the touristy stuff that... Read more »

ABC News uncovers pink slime in 70% of beef!

All I can say is “ewwwww”. Watch this for yourself. video platformvideo managementvideo solutionsvideo player

An open letter to Rosie O'Donnell: You failed, not Chicago!

Dear Rosie, How are you doing? I hope well. Sorry to interrupt your busy day; however, I had a few things I wanted to say to you. First and foremost, I moved to the Chicago area on January 1, 2011. It took me forever to get settled in. It is not an easy task to... Read more »

Dieting is more than getting rid of love handles...

After my Common Sense about eating healthy post yesterday, I have heard from quiet a few people. Most of what I hear is that some people simple cannot have a taste or two of something without going all out and chowing down. This is probably true for many people. Though I have personal will power... Read more »

Indulging in common sense when it comes to healthy eating...

Indulging in common sense when it comes to healthy eating...
After finding out yesterday that the numbers on your scale are nothing but a number, today I give you another secret. Since we are focused on healthy living, we know that there are certain things that are just bad for us. However, did you know that one of the worst things we can do is... Read more »

Is weight just a number?

So you are trying to live a healthier lifestyle; however, the numbers on the scale just are not going down as fast as you would like them to. Trust me, it is normal. Do not let it get you down. Though some people will give up when the scale seems to betray them, it is... Read more »
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