Under the Light of the Texaco: Finding rare music that reminds me of my upraising!

Huge thanks to the Rolling Meadows Library for finding a library that had Lisa Stewart's one and only album. The album, released in 1993, did not do very well; however, it is still one of my favorites. Unfortunately, over time, I lost my copy and did not have a digital back-up.

That is all rectified now thanks to the Rolling Meadows Library and the SEO Library Center in Caldwell, Ohio.

Under the Light of the Texaco, video above, is my favorite song by Stewart; however, it did not chart when she released it as the second single off of her self-titled, and only, album. Somebody's In Love, her first single, peaked at #61 on the country charts, and her third and final single, Drive Time, peaked at #72.

I was so happy to find out that they got me a copy, that Kyle and I drove around listening to it last night while doing our errands.

I hope you enjoy the video I posted, as it is still one of my favorites from the '90s. Of course, one reason it was a favorite song of mine, is that when this song was released, my family had a Texaco station in my tiny town of Bald Knob, Arkansas. So, I related to the song at the time.

Though I was never really picked on and made fun of for being gay, growing up gay in a small town, leaves one longing for more.

I just hope you all enjoy this blast from the past.

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