Say No To Small Dose Friends February

Instead of talking about blizzards, food, or weight loss today, I am turning to something a bit more emotionally draining.

Today, I am writing about people in our lives that are emotionally draining. They can be that way for a variety of reasons.  We all have these type of people in our lives; however, I think it is time we let them go.

A few weeks ago, I reviewed the new ABC daytime show The Revolution. It was on that debut show that Dr. Jennifer Ashton spoke about "small dose" friends. She was referring to people that you try to avoid when they contact you.

There are several reason we try to avoid these people. It could be that they are whiny, needy, or just that the only time you ever hear from them is when they need something.

My biggest issue is the last set of people. Do these people not think we are intelligent enough to figure out their little game.

If every time I see or hear from you, it is only because you need or want something from me, then bug off. I do not need you in my life.

If you are so pathetic that you cannot take the time to contact me for a simple "hello" or "how are you", then do not bother to contact me at all.

I may not have the best memory; however, I am pretty good at noticing the trend of always dreading that phone call or text because I know it is only because you need a favor.

So, for February, I say we cut these people out of our lives. Just avoid them for a little bit. See how much better life is without the pestering. It causes way to much drain and stress on our everyday lives, so let us just not pay them any attention.

So what if they get mad, all they will do is quit contacting us and asking us for favors. So, here is to "Say No To Small Dose Friends February". Join me will you!


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  • You are reading my mind, my friend. ;-)

  • In reply to siblingless:

    Thank you! :) It is such a hard habit to break, but one that must be done.

  • It's funny that you wrote this because I just had to do this a couple of days ago. She was everything you mentioned above, plus manipulative. It was difficult, and she keeps emailing me to tell me off and/or guilt trip me. The nice thing about email is that we can ignore and delete. That may sound cold but sometimes it seriously needs to be done.

    Thanks for your rant! ;0)

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