Joining the YMCA: Going from fat to beating up my sister!

Joining the YMCA: Going from fat to beating up my sister!

After a month of living a healthier life, I am proud to say that as of this morning I am down 11 pounds. I am so super excited. Now, it is on to the next New Year, New Me goal.

With that in mind, Kyle and I joined the YMCA yesterday. After getting a tour on Saturday, we decided yesterday to go ahead and take advantage of a special they were having. We did not exercise at the time of sign-up because we wanted to workout in the mornings. So, this morning at 5:30, we had our first workout.

I hate to admit it, but I was way more out of shape than I thought I was. Maybe this is why yesterday while texting with my bodybuilding sister she called me fat.

Anyway, back to the Y, I cannot believe these exist and are as great as they seem to be so far. For a flat fee, you get tons of equipment, a track, games, and more. I personally cannot wait to get into the sauna and hot tub either.

Of course I still have that whole glamorous view by being a new member. Over time, the new will wear off and I will update the blog on how I feel about it. I am sure there will be a few things that I am not fond of at The Y.

One service we are taking advantage of quickly is ActivTrax. It is an interactive program that figures out an exercise and nutrition program for us to follow. I can use it as a guide to help start a new exercise routine. This coming Saturday, Kyle and I go and get our fitness profile done for the program.

Fortunately, my sister is also helping us. Her and her husband both do bodybuilding, so I figure they know what they are talking about as well.

My goal is to get super fit and healthy, and, who knows, maybe soon I will be muscly enough to beat up my big sister for calling me fat.

Wish me luck though. Exercise is hard for fat people.

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