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Saying goodbye to bad friends...

The end of Say No To Small Dose Friends February is here. Not only that, it is Leap Day. So now, let us take that leap of faith and say no to our small dose friends. As you know, it is the friends that cause more harm than good, more pain than happiness, more regret... Read more »

The Daily Herald: Subscriptions are for wussies.

Forgive me as I ramble for a second here. It has been a while since I have done a rant, so here goes: Here in the Northwest Burbs of Chicago we have a little paper called the Daily Herald. Owned by Paddock Publications, Inc.,  the Daily Herald is based in my neighboring suburb of Arlington... Read more »

Making a friend checklist? Not as silly as it seems!

In continuing Say No To Small Dose Friends February, today I will focus on making and keeping friends. Though it would be childish to take a pen to paper and review every friend you have, everybody has those friends that are obviously not a good fit for them. I am going to give you two... Read more »

What if somebody's best just isn't good enough?

In continuing my “Say No To Small Dose Friends February” series, I am going to take a look at people that just do not meet our expectations. The first issue is that regardless of who you are or what you do, you imprint an expectation on everyone you meet. It could be anything from them... Read more »

Do something good for somebody you will never meet!

Last year, Mary Tyler Mom posted Donna’s Cancer Story. The story was centered around her daughter’s 31-month battle with cancer. Unfortunately, Donna lost her battle with cancer at the age of 4. In memory of her daughter, Mary Tyler Mom has started Donna’s Good Things. Though I find it to be a wonderful organization, I... Read more »

Sony displays lack of morals in raising price of Whitney CD

Sony displays lack of morals in raising price of Whitney CD
Some people wonder why record labels have a bad name! Well, this is why. Less than an hour after the death of Whitney Houston on Saturday, Sony raised the price of Whitney’s Ultimate Collection CD on iTunes by 60%. Now I know that when an artist dies their sales normally go up. Michael Jackson’s sales... Read more »

Say No To Small Dose Friends February – Week 2

So today starts week 2 of “Say No To Small Does Friends February”. I just wanted to check in and see how everybody is doing. I know that I am learning to say “no” to people. This really helps make life a bit easier. When the friends we are working to avoid want something, just... Read more »

An open letter to men: your butt, your business.

An open letter to men: your butt, your business.
Dear men, Women may want to stop reading here, because this is just for the guys. If you continue reading, your fantasy about how awesomely fit and well-mannered men are may be shattered. You have been warned. Now men, as a guy, I know that we enjoy our junk. Trust me, I know. To us, it is... Read more »

Joining the YMCA: Going from fat to beating up my sister!

Joining the YMCA: Going from fat to beating up my sister!
After a month of living a healthier life, I am proud to say that as of this morning I am down 11 pounds. I am so super excited. Now, it is on to the next New Year, New Me goal. With that in mind, Kyle and I joined the YMCA yesterday. After getting a tour... Read more »

Under the Light of the Texaco: Finding rare music that reminds me of my upraising!

Thumbnail image for 'Under the Light of the Texaco: Finding rare music that reminds me of my upraising!'
Huge thanks to the Rolling Meadows Library for finding a library that had Lisa Stewart’s one and only album. The album, released in 1993, did not do very well; however, it is still one of my favorites. Unfortunately, over time, I lost my copy and did not have a digital back-up. That is all rectified... Read more »
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