Will romance genre embrace new transexual story?

Will romance genre embrace new transexual story?

Jaime Stryker is tackling the popular romance novel genre in a slightly different way. When her lead character in Two Spirit Ranch heads off to Montana to clear her head, she falls in love like in any old story. However, she has to tell her lover that she used to be known as Terrance.

When I asked Stryker what inspired her to write a transsexual love story, she stated:

"I love the 'traditional' romance format, but when I set out to write my own book I wanted to explore a theme that would push the envelope and help raise awareness of a group of people who are only now starting to get much recognition. In my opinion, to be openly trans is where to be openly gay was maybe 40 years ago. We're still very much at the beginning of the movement. I've been overwhelmed by the support and curiosity the book has received. In its first two weeks of release, the book far outsold any expectations I had."

Stryker, based in L.A., has always had a passion for romance novels. She began reading the genre at the age of 11.

Considering her long passion for romance, it is doubtful that this will be Stryker's only book. In fact, she told me that she is already working on a follow-up to Two Spirit Ranch.

"However, in this one, the hero already knows the heroine is trans, and he's definitely the pursuer. I think it's the next logical step to take for my next book."

So, if you happen to find yourself tired of the same old story, check out Stryker's new book now available at a variety of places. Check out the book's website by clicking here for a list of retailers.

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  • Have you read "Trans-Sister Radio" by Chris Bohjalian? It's the story of a woman who falls in love with a man just before he undergoes the sex change operation, and she chooses to try to remain in the relationship. It happens in a small town and naturally scandalizes many people.

    The woman's ex-husband works for NPR and their daughter tells the story as part of a radio series. We occasionally hear from the ex's POV, and, if I remember correctly, from the mother and Dana as well.

    It's a great book. It's not a romance novel, but it is a love story.

  • I have read it and loved it! I wan't to re-read it again now that I'm reflecting back on it. I' m a dude too.

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