My Fitness Pal & Going Vegetarian: One Week Later

My Fitness Pal & Going Vegetarian: One Week Later

It has been one week since I started using My Fitness Pal. As I mentioned last week, I am using My Fitness Pal, instead of Weight Watchers, to guide me through the process of dropping some pounds. Weight Watchers keeps changing their program, and my opinion of their new Points Plus system is very unfavorable.

My first week of trying to be healthier was done with a vegetarian flair. Kyle and I gave up meat for the week to help us kick start into better choices. It was an easy thing to do. We found some quick and delicious new meals that we know we can fall back on in the future when we cannot think of anything to eat for dinner. As an added bonus, in today's economy, meat is pricey. I think between not eating out and not eating meat, we saved quiet a bit of money on our food bill this week.

However, today we return to just a regular diet. Depending on how I weigh-in this week versus next week, will depend on how much of my future meals will be meat-filled.

I will do my weigh-in today at work. The results will be posted when I get time. Let us hope for at least a few pounds lost.

Fortunately, I know that with any change in eating and exercise, results are not always immediate. Just because you have a bad week does not mean that the program is not working. It takes our bodies a while to get use to the changes.

Being one of those men that battles weight issues, I have been around dieters a lot in my life. I always heard people say things like "it just isn't working for me" or "I get so sick when I diet." Just because you eat right for a week, does not mean you are going to drop 75 pounds during that same week.

In some instances, your body is trying to figure out what to do with the food you are eating. Changing from a diet of potato chips and fried foods to one of vegetables and fruits, will sometimes throw a body for a loop. That loop is why some people feel that dieting makes them "sick". It does not make you sick, you have made yourself sick. Your body is just trying to get back to normal.

My big goal for this week is cutting back on Diet Coke. It is all I drink. I get a 64oz every morning from 7-11. Then, I get another one after work. Add those two in with the 16 and 20 ounces I get randomly through-out the day, and you have my liquid intake.

This week, I am going to consume more water. Kyle got me a water bottle that measures the amount of water I drink. So, we will see how it goes. I will not be cutting out Diet Coke completely because I enjoy it; however, I think cutting back to less than 64oz or less a day is a good start.

Remember if you are using My Fitness Pal, add me. I am under the username ArkieLad on the site.

Wish me luck on my weigh-in.

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