Disney misses the mark with Beauty and the Beast in 3D

First things first, Kyle and I got to experience the AMC Loews Streets of Woodfield 20 Theater. Let me just say that the theater is absolutely gorgeous. I was so impressed. To be honest, and a bit small-townish, I think it is the first time I have ever seen a two-story movie theater. Add the theater's enormity to the fact that it is beautifully decorated, and I was in love with the place.

Of course, the theater aside, we went to see Beauty and the Beast in 3D. I have always loved the story, and I could not wait a second longer to watch it. So right after work today, we headed over to the local AMC. We figured it would be a great night out considering I am a huge Beauty and the Beast fan and Kyle is a huge Disney fan in general.

I feel it worth noting that Kyle and I were in the theater with only one other couple. Nobody else was in the theater. It was a little nice having a huge gigantic theater all to ourselves.

The movie started with the short animated film Tangled Ever After. The 3D sequel to Tangled takes place during the wedding of Rapunzel and Flynn. Maximus, the horse, plays the poor unfortunate ring bearer who loses the rings during the wedding. Trying to retrieve the rings leads Maximus and the best man, Pascal, on an hilarious ride that left us rolling in our seats.

What did not thrill so much was the actual feature presentation. I believe I am completely spoiled to the new 3D that we get to see in movies. With that said, seeing a story board drawing in layers and naming it 3D, did not leave me impressed.

I am not sure what I expected, but I believe that the movie was not done justice in 3D. For it to be truly wonderful, the entire movie would have to have been digitized into a 3D movie. All this was, was a layering effect of how the movie was drawn in the first place.

Now, do not get me wrong, I am not trashing the movie. I just expected more. I guess I wish that Disney would quit trying to re-release everything in 3D and just reshow the films in theaters. The 3D experience is not that great if the movie is not specifically made to be in 3D.

Of course, I know I may be alone in my belief because my Facebook was full of "this is wonderful" and "best thing ever" reviews when the film came out.

Kyle said he did not care one way or the other. He stated that it was a great story and remained a great story with or without the 3D.

While I agree that it is and was a great movie, I do believe that the story was better originally.

So, while I would like to say that I will just avoid re-releases, I am not sure if I can avoid watching Finding Nemo in 3D when it comes out September 14, 2012. Of course, Finding Nemo was a lot more recent, and therefore, may be a better film in 3D. We shall see.

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