ABC's The Revolution: Helpful tips from too many hosts...

ABC's The Revolution: Helpful tips from too many hosts...

ABC debuted The Revolution yesterday. The new show is geared toward viewers taking control of their own life. The tagline for the show is "it's about you."

Since I started my New Year, New Me feature last week, I thought that the debut of  The Revolution may prove handy to me. Though it is very obvious that the show is geared towards women, most of the tips can be used by guys also.

The show takes a daily focus at helping viewers improve their health, body, style, mind, and environment. Though Ty Pennington seems to be the main host, the show is co-hosted by Dr. Jennifer Ashton, Dr. Tiffanie Davis Henry, Harley Pasternak, and Tim Gunn. Each host gets a segment that pinpoints items for the viewer to improve themselves.

On the debut episode, Gunn showed women how to dress up their assests and quit paying attention to their flaws. This is something so many people need to learn. We get so caught up in criticizing ourselves, that we forget to focus on the things we are doing right. Of course we need to work on our flaws, but we also need to know that we have our perfects also.

Pennington started a feature on small tips for the household. The first of these tips was using creamy peanut butter to fix scratched CDs and DVDs and using baby oil to remove stickers off of purchases. Though they had another tip, the two tips I mentioned were new to me. I will certainly have to remember them and try them when the need arises.

Dr. Henry did a segment on limiting communication with your "small dose" friends. She was talking about how we all have people that have stayed in our lives to long. She recommended doing the phone test to see if you are really friends. If you see their name on your phone, and you do not want to talk to them, then you are not real friends. Do not allow your friends to drag you down. She also focused on learning to say "no." She had a saying of "when you say yes to everyone else, you are saying no to yourself." Powerful thoughts to remember.

Pasternak spends most of his segments teaching small fitness tips that you can do at home. There were some great tips. As someone who is working on improving their quality of life, I loved his segments.

The debut episode also kicked off a feature that will be on-going. Each week, The Revolution will shine the light on someone that has gone through a five-month revolution. Each day of that person's week, the show will showcase a different view of the revolution, concluding on Friday with the results.

Dr. Ashton proved the most worthless to me on the show. As an OBGYN, Dr. Ashton will probably not focus on many issues as they relate to men. I feel that most men who do tune into The Revolution, may tune out if the show focuses too heavily on Dr. Ashton. Fortunately, she did not play a pivotal role in the first episode.

Regardless, I do think The Revolution could be a useful show if the producers and writers play their cards right. Hopefully it does not go the way of most self-improvement shows and get too preachy. Another thing that could happen is if it starts focusing on things that most people would never do. There is nothing worse than self-help shows that set the standards so high that every viewer is going to fail. If that happens with The Revolution, it will fail as well.

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