Dear United States Postal Service: You Suck!

Dear USPS,

I cannot believe that you lost my Christmas present from my Mother. Your online tracking says it was "delivered"; however, your local postal branch says that it was not. Either way, she mailed me a gift, and you cannot find it. Considering this is my first Christmas away from home, it really sucks that you are so incompetent.

Add to that the fact that you could not loan me the smallest piece of tape the other day to mail a package. You wanted me to pay $3.95 for a huge roll of tape, when all I needed was about two cents worth. I was already spending $40.00 in your business, and you could not spare a few inches of tape. Shameful!

Fortunately, there is a Dollar Store next door. They sell tape for only $1.00. Plus, their roll is a lot bigger than your roll. So, suck it!

You are not what you used to be. I remember when the Post Office used to be nice. I remember when they used to care. Considering that it was not that long ago, I think you only have yourself to blame for the horrible trouble you are in financially. Maybe you should go back to the way things were when you were successful.

Just saying!

Oh, YOU SUCK!!! Do not forget that part! Okay!



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