Dear United States Postal Service: You Still Suck; however...

Dear USPS,

I still think you suck! I still believe that you guys have caused your own destruction. Some form of mail service will always be needed; however, your lack of foresight, and thinking you could never be replaced, was asinine.

When you noticed that more things were going electronic, you should have focused on packages. Instead, you did nothing except raise the price of stamps.

Instead of finding ways to compete with companies like UPS and FedEx, you just took out the customer service aspect of your business. You decided to make money by selling overpriced greeting cards, tape, and envelopes.

What the hell were you thinking?

Were you even thinking?

Regardless, I am not here to lecture you. I have a good story finally.

Your Rolling Meadows office has a diamond in the rough. Raquel A. Calabas went above and beyong the call of duty in finding the package from my Mother. After being informed that it could not be found, Raquel did not give up hope. She kept looking, and eventually she found it.

This made me super happy. I now have my presents and money from my Mother for Christmas. Kyle got some too, so he is just as happy as I am.

Unfortunatelly for you, in the future when I mail packages, I will use UPS or FedEx. Probably FedEx because I find the men sexier in their summer shorts. Regardless, you still suck!


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