Chicago - Year One: My Least Favorite Things!

Tomorrow I will post my Top 10 Favorite Things about the Chicago area; however, today I am going to reveal my Top 5 least favorite things. I love it here, but as we all know, not everything can be perfect.

5.  Suburbs - Why are there so many? I can drive down a single road for three miles and go through four different suburbs. It is crazy. I can never tell where I am.

4.  Winter - I LOVE snow! That is not my complaint. However, when the temperature stays below 10 degrees for several days, I get cranky. I need sunshine once in a while also.

3.  Mexican Food - It sucks here. Sorry!

2.  Time - I am pretty sure all Chicago people have their own way to tell time. People tell me one time, they show up at a different time. Show up to an event that starts at 8:00, and find out it started at 7:30 or it does not even start until 9:00. (This has actually happened a couple of times).

1.  Traffic - Seriously! It is not that hard to drive. Just because one car is broke down on the shoulder of I-90, we do not all have to come to a complete stop.

There you have my least favorite things about Chicagoland. Tomorrow, my Top 10 Favorites!


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  • My least favorite thing by far is the traffic, not even close. No. 2 is probably odors, both from alleys and people on the CTA.

    By the way, if you find a suburb you like you'd also solve your traffic problem.

  • Thanks Jimmy. I have not noticed the odors, but I really do not take the CTA or hang out in alleys. LOL

    I am still torn between moving to Andersonville or Palatine. Then I can also use the Metra.

  • How about River North, the Loop, or River West? The neighborhood smells like chocolate now and then. Plus then you'd solve your traffic issue, since you can take CTA and Metra pretty much anywhere. You'd save the plant and save on gas.

  • Here in the burbs, we are within nose-shot of a Pepperidge Farm bakery. Maybe you should center your next apartment hunt around baking facilities (but not in the same building as a Subway. The smell of proofing dough gets to you).
    I've always liked the Mex food here, and have told visitors that if you can't get a yummy burrito the size of a Gucci handbag under $5, you just need to walk a little further away from downtown. Especially my pick for the world's most perfectly evil food, chorizo. But admittedly Mexican food is not a major part of my life.

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